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Behind the Scenes of Tailfeathers

Our Moderator Tutorial Post
Our moderator tutorial post in one of the moderator forums.

Have you ever wondered what is like behind the scenes at Tailfeathers? All our staff members are volunteers -- dedicated people who believe in our mission and help us achieve it, striving to do their best and make Tailfeathers a better place for all day after day.

The Moderator Forums

The moderator forums play a big role in how we keep Tailfeathers striving. The moderator forums include Announcements & Latest Completitions, Ideas, and Member Issues. In these forums, we discuss projects, problems, suggestions, and more.

If you do not see any improvements or enhancements at Tailfeathers during a period of time, do not worry -- chances are that we are planning many big, exciting things that we hope all users will enjoy and find to be helpful.

A Chat Exerpt

A lot of work from our staff goes into making Tailfeathers possible!

We do not limit ourselves to forums; in fact, we often talk in chat programs such as MSN (right) to discuss posts, issues, details of things right before they get released, etc.. We monitor all forums closely to ensure that everything goes smoothly.

Some Posts from a Moderator Forum

One thing to keep in mind is that all our staff are purely volunteers -- nobody is making any profit from Tailfeathers. All the work that is put into making this dream a reality has been done on our own spare time, solely with our goal in mind.

A Post from a Moderator Forum

All our staff are professional, fun, and knowledgeable people from all over the world -- from the United States to Canada to England to New Zealand. They are all dedicated and hard-working, putting a lot of time and effort into Tailfeathers.

On behalf of the whole Tailfeathers community, thank you to all our staff members for making Tailfeathers a reality day after day!

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