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Dan in Stockholm, 2010

Daniel's interest in birds began when he was a young child living in Brazil, with cockatiels and budgies. Over the years, he has owned several birds, as well as cats and fish.

His love for birds -- and parrots in particular -- is reflected in his starting of Tailfeathers back in 1999, still at a young age. Originally a single-page personal website under the name of "The Cockatiel Stop," created when he was 10 years old, the website has expanded into the network it is today, with, among other things an active message board with thousands of members, a gallery with thousands of pictures, and an information database of over 60 articles.

Years have passed, yet his interest in birds -- as well as his dedication to Tailfeathers -- has not diminished. While it can often be hard work, taking up a lot of time, he enjoys it greatly. He dedicates hours everyday out of his time in not just maintaining, expanding, and improving the network, but also in being an active member along with others on the message board. On top of this, he has contributed three articles to the network: "Pionus," "Moving Pet Birds Internationally," and "Hand Feeding Your Regressed Bird."

He currently has two birds, a seven-year-old White-Cap Pionus parrot named Martin, and a one year old Congo African Grey named Bailey. He currently lives in Scotland with his partner Rorie.

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