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Pootspete, Grace, was born in October. While growing up in Florida, she can remember there was always a budgie in her household with the name Chipper. Did'nt matter if it was a male or female, it received the name of Chipper. Grace never knew why at a young age, once a budgie died in her home, and a new one was brought in that it too would be called Chipper. She later learned her mother just liked the name. Could they not have gotten more original? It became a bit amusing as the years went by when she would kid with her parents, siblings, and show off to friends the latest budgie, "Chipper14."

Birds followed Grace throughout the years and are with her still today as part of her life. Presently she owns two Cockatiels, Mama (Cinnamon), being the eldest at 15 and her partner Zeb (Grey) at 14 years of age. She also has two adorable budgies, her blue/yellow/white female Chipperet (there’s that Chipper again) and her green/yellow male Petey (what no Chipper?), both 3 1/2 years of age. "Living without a bird would be unthinkable," she states. She has expanded her animals to also owning fish now. She has two freshwater fish tanks, 30 and 20 gallons filled with Tetras and Tiger Barbs.

Grace enjoys visiting outside aviaries and nature exhibits. Loves taking in nature trails and seeing all different types of animals and plant life. Has in the past volunteered at a nature resort and took on the monthly newsletter. Grace receied a BA in psychology and worked for awhile at a Group Counseling Center. At one time in her life she thought about a career in the animal world, but settled for office life instead.

Grace enjoys being a part of Tailfeathers. She remembers joining Tailfeathers the 2nd of January, the day after she got Petey in 2003. She was searching for a bird forum where everyone had the same interests as her. Grace was pleasantly surprised to find such a professional and friendly place as Tailfeathers. She was not only impressed with the topics of the forum and all the new information she herself learned, but how "user friendly" it was. She was asked to join the Moderator Crew a few months later. Grace feels it is an honor to be a moderator. "There are so many new members joining each day, sharing their experiences and gaining a wealth of information, that it is such a pleasure to be part of this wonderful forum." She too has also contributed writing articles for Tailfeathers, i.e. "Budgies," "Bird Evacuation Preparation," and "Night Frights," just to name a few and looks forward to writing more in the future and meeting new bird friends.

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