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Aloe Vera

Written by Henry, Caique Crazy

Aloe vera (Aloe barbadensis) is well known for its healing properties for everyday cuts and grazes. But is this the only use for such an amazing plant? The answer is no. As well as multiple uses for humans, this magnificent plant can also do wonders for your bird! Growing your very own aloe vera plant could dramatically change your bird's appearance, behavior and even health.


When your bird suffers a cut or burn your first thoughts may be to get the first aid box. Maybe not! Simply breaking a leaf off of your aloe vera plant and rubbing the sticky gel inside can heal various skin problems. Aloe has been proven to penetrate all skin layers, treating deep down inside. Aloe vera contains many agents that are considered antiseptic including sulfur and lupeol that kill off any germs or bacteria that may come into contact with the injury.

Feather Plucking

This wondrous plant can even stop feather plucking. A good-sized piece of the flesh, mixed in water for bathing, will do your birds miracles. The aloe soothes skin and areas of feather plucking, relieving your bird of pain and irritation. Spray this solution onto your birds and while preening, they help the aloe get deep down near the skin to do its best in helping promote a healthy plumage. Aloe vera can also be used even if your bird is not a plucker -- it makes feathers brighter and softer.

Immune System

Aloe vera contains enzymes, vitamins, and minerals that can boost the immunity and energy level, making your bird a happier, healthier parrot than even before. A small amount should be given occasionally (no more then once every two weeks), giving only the flesh and no outer casing. The aloe gel can also be added into water.

If aloe vera is offered to your bird, you will notice the difference in many ways. A safe house plant, for both humans and animals, Aloe vera is still amazing us with more and more uses including saving birds when other treatments have not. There have been success stories all over the world of Aloe vera saving birds from various problems from fatal illness to stomach upsets. A plant on your windowsill -- and your bird's very own health center.

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