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Thread: Please help- cockatiel discomfort

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    Please help- cockatiel discomfort

    Hello. I am writing on behalf of my brother's cockatiel, a white and gray, named Fine. This bird is the undisputed King of the House, and has been with my brother for over 20 years. I cannot even begin to describe the bond between the two of them-- my brother can turn the bird upside down and place him on his head. Fine's wings have never been clipped and he goes in and out of his cage as he pleases. He has been in excellent health for over 20 years, baring a few mishaps here and there, a tiff with a cat and more than a few crazy flights into the wild blue yonder.

    Almost a month ago, he started pecking at one of his legs, as though he had been bitten or had an itch. This discomfort has not passed or abated, and now it has spread to both legs. My brother has taken the bird to five different vets, and received diagnosis ranging from a respiratory infection to metal poisoning. X-rays are normal, and blood tests recently came back normal as well, showing only a slightly higher elevation in a muscle enzyme, possibly indicating an injury, according to the vet. He has been on several different antibiotics, with no positive results, and unfortuneatly, one antibiotic left him violently ill, unable to stand and viomiting constantly, although he has apparently recovered and is back to his original level of discomfort.

    Please, please, if you have any advice at all as to what could be causing this, or general advice or other directions to pursue, please respond. My brother bought this bird when he was twelve, and he is now in his mid-thirties, and this bird is quite simply a family member.

    Thank you in advance.
    Susan, David and Fine

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    Re: Please help- cockatiel discomfort

    He may just be getting arthritic.
    It happens.

    There are some holistic things you can try.
    I would suggest you go join the Real Food 4 Fids mailing list and repost this there, and ask if they know of any remedies for something like this.


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    Re: Please help- cockatiel discomfort

    I am so sorry about this. It must be terrible for your brother, and for you too.

    Also try asking the AcmePet Bird community:

    Good luck!

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