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Thread: I think my cockatiel has dandruff?

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    I think my cockatiel has dandruff?

    My cockatiel is 8 months old, and when you blow on his feathers white flaky bits appear and settle on the bottom of his cage. Looks like human dandruff.
    Is there something wrong with my bird??

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    Re: I think my cockatiel has dandruff?

    Mines is the same and so is every other tiel i've seen, so i would say theres nothing wrong with your bird. I'm 99.9% sure its just a bird trait..

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    Re: I think my cockatiel has dandruff?

    It must be normal, since all my tiels have it too!

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    This is only a personal opinion but I am wondering about this myself. Let me know if maybe I am on the right track.
    When birds are little, I mean like with pin-feathers and they start to sprout their feathers there is major dandruff looking stuff. It comes from the pin-feather breaking and allowing the feather to break loose. Birds of any kind loose a certain amount of feathers each day just like we loose hair. The hair grows back in and I think the feathers do to. (If they didn't they would be bald) Maybe this is the coating like the pin feather on the new ones coming in. I have never noticed actual pin feathers after all the feathers have come in but then the 3 month old that I have to go by (the parents are wild so I can't go by them) when cleaning or flying around is always loosing one or so. Just a thought!

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    terri in Pa

    Re: I think my cockatiel has dandruff?

    Cockatiels and Cockatoos have a little different feather structure then other birds.. They have what is commonly called Talc.. if you run your fingers under their wings you will have some white powder on fingers.

    This is Completely normal for these type birds.. Its when you do NOT see or feel the talc that there is a problem with the bird and it would need to be seen by a vet.

    Parakeets and other birds do not have this talc.

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    Re: I think my cockatiel has dandruff?

    Yep, cockatiels have that 'dust'.

    You can't get rid of it, as it's natural and normal for them, but you can help minimize the amount they shake off everywhere by giving them daily warm mistings or showers with just plain water.

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