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Thread: avairy

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    I have three cockaties and two of the had two babies.
    Of course I can't sell or give the babies away so now I have five cockatiels. My question is I want to build an avairy in my house. how big should it be to house them comfortabley. And also if anyone has any information on building one

    Thank you


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    Re: avairy

    Your best bet at this point would be to get some large cages and seperate the birds by sex.

    You cannot breed the offspring with any of the birds you have(that should be obvious, inbreeding is bad), and cockatiels are opportunistic breeders and WILL inbreed if allowed to live in mixed sexes.

    If the single bird is unreleated to the parents, that one could be bred, but unless you want more birds and can afford more cages(since it doesn't appear you're willing to give up the babies) it's not recommended.

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