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Thread: chewing leg

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    chewing leg

    I have an older female that just lost a buddy of about 3 years. I got a young 10 wk old baby and put in with her. Before I put the new bird in she was extremely happy. Now, she is chewing her leg and toe (kind of up and down, not really chewing) (without damage/no bleeding, etc) and regurgitating seed (then re-eating). Anyway, I think it's behavioral because I see no ill signs but I think it could cause problems and it's not fun to watch. Should I separate the two cockatiels? Wait and hope it gets better? Vet?


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    Re: chewing leg

    First, did you quarantine the new bird for at least 30 days before putting it in with her?
    Did you put them in side by side cages to let them get used to each other?

    If not, you may have stressed your poor female quite a bit, and risked getting both birds very ill.

    Both birds need to see a vet, and will need to see a vet at least once per year for the rest of their lives.

    If your bird was happy alone before seperate them and let her live alone.

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    Re: chewing leg

    I think Necroangel is right. Take them both to a vet. If she was happy by herself, then for the rest of the time let her live by herself!

    I hope that everything works out for you!

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