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Thread: Stopped Whistling

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    Stopped Whistling

    My cockatiel stopped whistling recently. He doesn't seem to have been stressed. He has lost a few feathers but not what I would call molting. He used to whistle the wolf whistle and Yankee Doodle. Any ideas why?

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    Re: Stopped Whistling

    Hey. I'm sorry, but I have no clue why this might be happening. Wait a few more days...maybe he'll start again!

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    not whistling

    My male does the wolf whistle and that is all. He is a moody one. In the mornings when I am out and about and he can see me he starts hollering. He is wanting his alfalfa. If I tell him he will have to wait he may holler more and if I take a really long time he may start to fly around and throw a fit in the cage. After I go outside and get them some and put it in the cage he goes crazy with whistling until I leave the room. I think they use it as an attention getter. I talk to mine all the time and even though I don't think they understand what I am saying they know that it is communication between the two of us. My three month old has an attitude and I am sure he knows how to throw temper tantroms. They are just like little kids. He is naughty when he doesn't get his own way. It is like when I put him in the cage and he has to stay there for a hour or so why I go to lunch or run an errand (he goes with me everyday to work) and when I leave the room I am told he doesn't quit hollering until I get back. When I get back and let him out he will find something that he knows he is not to mess with just to get back at me. It may be chewing pencil errasers, taking suckers out of the jar and throwing them on the floor, chewing on the phone cord, or chewing the papers I am working with. I simply put him back in the cage and tell him to let me know when he is going to be good and he can come out again. (I use this with the grandkids too.) Pretty soon he hollers and I let him out and he goes to the top of the filing cabinet to play with his toys or to the top of the cage or the back of my chair and takes a nap. Like I said they are like children. Talk to him and just incourage the whistling. He will come around. Treats may work but then they will relate the whistle to the treat. They are very smart that way. Don't give up - they are worth the trouble they give us!!!!!

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