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Thread: what am I doing wrong??? Very sad owner.......

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    Trisia Wafer

    what am I doing wrong??? Very sad owner.......

    I've had this cockatiel for about a week now and I started
    getting him used to my hand being in the cage. He is 1 year old and he really hasnt been hand held for 1 year either. The other ppl that had him had kids and I'm really thinking that they tormented him. He's absolutly scared of ppl. He hisses and he bit my boyfriend making him bleed!! He's really a aggressive bird I don't know what I'm going to do, I was hoping to have him as a pet and be able to have him on my shoulder and my finger. But it seems to me that this will never be. I need some answers ???????

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    Old admin Baby Tviokh's Avatar
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    Re: what am I doing wrong??? Very sad owner.......

    You're expecting too much too soon, especially since you got him from an abusive situation.

    Leave him alone for awhile....you've only had him a week, and he's from an abusive situation. Couple that with the fact that he's never been handled in any way, and it's going to take a long time(think years) of constant work for him to settle down and become tame.

    Since he was in an abusive home, he may never enjoy being held or petted. He may also take upwards of 2 years to completely trust people again.
    Depending on how badly he was treated in his previous home, he may never fully trust people or hands ever again.

    Please don't be disappointed in him, it's not his fault his previous owners allowed thier monster children to torment and abuse him.
    Be happy that he has a good home now, and even if he doesn't ever like to be petted or handled, love him all the same.

    Regardless of him liking to be handled or not, he'll be much happier in a home where he's not tormented by little brats.

    I'm not saying this to be rude, but if you wanted a cuddly baby, you shouldn't have taken a bird from an abusive home, you should've gone right to a breeder.

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    Trisia Wafer

    Thanks for the advice

    I just want to clarify that I didn't say I wanted a cudly bird right away. Even if it take's years to tame him I don't care, I have all the time in the world. I just wanted some advise and help about how to tame him. I bought the bird from a Pet store cause that's the only place to buy birds around here and as a new Bird owner I did not know the difference between a Pet store or a Breeder. Not to be rude or anything.

    And beside that the bird is not that bad when you don't try to get your hand close to him. You can talk to him very close and he will not do anything. He also says: Pretty Coco, Pretty bird, Good morning, whisles songs and makes horse noises.

    I also wanted to know if it's a good idea to leave his cage door open so he can come out and explore and stretch himself good even though he's not tame yet.

    I really love my bird I just want what's best for him that's all.

    Trisia, Martin and Coco

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    Re: Thanks for the advice

    Yea, like you, I'm a first time owner. My bird used to hiss and bite when I approached the cage, but know he doesn't. Just make sure you give him a week to adjust and everything!! What walso worked for me was choosing one word for him to associate with me. I fed him some food thoguh the cage and rpeated the word. that way, he learns im not here to hurt him! Anyway, I also bought from a petstore and the first few days he was an agressive little bird (hence the name Tazzz, short for tazmanian devil..hehe!) Also, make sure he gets his space too. Don't push him to be handled and little by little he's sure to progress! Im sure that in a few months you will be a lot more comfotable with him and he will be a lot more comfortable with you!
    Just don't give up hope, and its great you have the time, soon he'll be a great birdie friend!! Best wishes and good luck!!
    Sam and the while child TAZZ

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    re taming an abused teil

    My name is April I am new here but thought maybe I could add on I do bird rescue in MD and I have dealt wiht many birds teils budgies etc that have coem from less then perfexct conditions and when they first arrived they were scared to death and fought back naturally for them Bite the heck otu of you if they can not run away. Try talking calmly through the cage just sit and talk for a while with him after a while and we are talkign a month or so you can try putting your hand to him Sometimes if you offer millet to them they start to associete the hand and great food and ease up If you want to take him out the cage First off is the wiongs cliped?? if so try getting him to perch on a stick tell him to step up wiht the stick in front of him Then take him out on that let him sit on a play pen or something not good to lety them on tiop of cages at this point as they are already haviong issues A lot of birds do better away from the cage and where they can nto see it but I would at least wait for a month talkign ot him before this
    Good Luck and if I can help holler

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    Egg's Cracking... lilangel5682's Avatar
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    me 2

    I adopted a cockatiel from an abusive situation about 5 years ago. He died in a HORENDOUS accident. (I was petsitting a pet rat for someone and it literally BROKE out of its cage and got my bird and mangled it through the bars of the cage :-( )
    He, surprisingly enough, didn't take long to tame. He would tolerate being handled, and petted.
    It took about a year though. He made best friends with my english budgie though :-) It was so cute. They would groom each other and everything.
    Dont give up.
    Also, remember, abused birds might have wierd little quirks. Like mine, I got him when my mom's friend found these people poking stuff at him in a tall round cage (bad cage), pure seed diet, and the thing was SOOOO fat he couldn't fly. He didn't have clipped wings or anything. And he was missing a toe.
    Well, these kids at his old home were twisting a swing in his cage till he fell off. (so cruel :-( ) Well, after he sorta socialized and lost a little weight and learned to fly, he was a cool pet. But he never really bonded to me though. Didn't go out of his way to hang with people, he didn't see us as his "flock". Any way. His little quirk was. Whenever his swing in his cage (that I later took out cause of this) would start rocking back and forth, he would have a fit, and start thrashing and squacking. AND he was really nervous of kids that were poking at his cage.
    BE PATIENT - if you scare him while hes doing something, or learning something or out or whatever, he might never wanna do that thing again.
    I m sorta a newbie to so if i made a mistake just correct me please
    sorry for the long respnse

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    Old admin Baby Tviokh's Avatar
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    Re: me 2

    Re; Leaving the cage open:

    Not a good idea.
    You're inviting stress and future behavior issues.

    First the stress:
    If he's not tame, and he is out, you'll have to chase him around to get him back in the cage. Chasing will stress him and damage any trust he may have built in you. End result: It'll take much longer to gain his trust and tame him down.

    Second the behavior:
    Mainly, it's a dominance thing.
    You wouldn't let a 2 year old have free run of the house, why would you let a bird?
    Start getting in the habit of having him step up, whether onto your hand or onto a spare perch, to be allowed out of his cage.
    No step up, no out of cage.

    This helps you establish top bird status early on, and when the bird knows you're the flock leader, you're much less likely to have behavior problems down the line.

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