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Thread: Good Schoolroom Situation

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    Good Schoolroom Situation

    Many people say that pets are not good in a class room. My opinion is different. I'd like to share this web page with you and hope you enjoy it.


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    Re: Good @#%$ Situation

    How is Class room a swear word???

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    Re: Good @#%$ Situation

    Nice website (some of the information on it is wrong though ). I think that cockatiels can be ok in classrooms, but it really depends on the situation.

    Classroom isn't a bad word - the problem is that "classroom" has a bad word in it (a s s), and the filter, which has a subject line bug, filtered classroom.

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    Re: Good Cla s sroom Situation

    Yes, I did catch that some information is wrong. In general it is a good site though. I think it's a reference for when the childeren take the pets home for the weekend. But I really couldn't tell you considering it's not my site.

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    Re: Good Cla s sroom Situation

    I read the site and about lost ot at the part that says to sq\ueeze the birs they may bite and the part about holding a spray bottle to threaten the bird so he will step up GRRRRR
    he animal person is said to have extensive animal experiance and wiht the opther animals she did nto do bad but all I can say is those poor birds bouncing around to different homes each weekend and different people and then to be threatened iht a bottle and being fed a bunch of seed Oh yea and clean the cage once a week wow can we say lots of poopy
    I am still not with birds in classes pocket pets like mice hamsters rabbits and such fine aslong as someone will take them in summer and they are not sent to a shelter which working at one I have seen but not the birds they need more then that or at least a better educated careperson
    It's just my whittle opinion

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    Re: Good Cla s sroom Situation

    I went to have a look. They keep Bettas in vases :stressrelief

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    I agree that classroom pets can be O.K. In grade 5 we had a guinea pig in the class and in grade 6 we had a girbel (spelling??). The girbil is in fact still alive, and was 4 when I was in the class (last year.) However, I dont agree with quite a bit of their information. I looked at the sites for other animals too (particularly iguanas) which I own and there was ALOT of wrong info there. In fact, one of the pics wasn't even and iguana, it was a bearded dragon.
    I think that birds and reptiles should only stay in the classroom for daylong visits on a regular basis. Otherwise things could get stressful, and it is harder to properly monitor care, especially if students are helping.
    But small animals like hamsters etc are OK cause they dont mind being alone at night, and they are usually pretty easy to tame and handle.
    Otherwise - great site - classroom pets can really show kids responsibuility and how to care for that type of pet. And good pics.
    Thanx - it gave us a reminder of certain ups and downs of classpets.

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    Re: ok

    I went to have a look... yeah some of the info sounds wrong, but I'm sure if someone told them they would fix it... the kids all look so happy though.

    *** Taffy & Baby ***

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