This is most likely a stupid question, but it's been bugging me for quite awhile now, so I thought I would get some different opinions on it.
We have had birds for over 25 years ranging from finches to cockatoos. I couldn't even begin to tell you how many babies I have handled over the years. We now have only Cockatiels and Cockatoos. Last summer our youngest finally moved out of the house. With her gone, we decided to do some remodeling to our house.
We built a huge deck onto the back of our home. The more I sit out there looking at the wild lorikeets, (We live in Queensland, Australia) I started feeling guilty about our birds inside the house in cages. We triple fly-wired over all of the open areas, divided it into seperate sections to accomodate the birds more comfortably, sealed the outside access up with the only entry being from inside the house and turned the birds loose. They absolutely loved it out there.
This summer some old friends came over for a barbie and one of them another bird fanatic like myself insisted that we put up glass around the open areas instead of the fly-wire. Claiming that the birds would like that more and would be much safer. They have a gazebo style aviary that has glass covering the open areas. While looking online I found several styles that have glass in them as well for both indoors and outdoors.
All of this really got me to thinking. When birds are living indoors and are free to roam around the house, you should always keep curtains pulled to prevent them from flying into the glass.
When my birds were in cages as soon as I would walk into the room several of them would lunge from their perch to the side of the cage, begging to get out to play.
Now if the birds were surrounded by glass and the same thing occured the bird would:
A: Have nothing to hold onto and slide/fall who knows how far
B: If it's room size, the bird could crash into the glass same as with a window.
While the inside fly-wire is a one-way, wider guage made from heavy plastic (same type as many of the toys) that allows the bird to climb up and cling to it, with a double micro fly-wire to the outside preventing insects from coming through it. If the bird was to fly into this, it wouldn't be anywhere near the blow that glass would be, it's not even anywhere near as hard as the metal cage bars.
The birds have been in this for over a year now and we haven't had any problems with them at all.
Personally, I think the way we did it is safer for the birds, yet the friend still says glass is the only way to go.
Thoughts and opinions please.