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Thread: Bleeding

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    My tiel was walking around my office desk today, and I noticed a red spot on his leg. Sure enough it was a drop of blood!! He won't let me take a close look, but one of his wing tips is bleeding!!?? What is this and what do I need to do? It's not gushing out blood or anything like that, but apparently it bled enough to produce a drop to fall on his leg. I'm really worried. Gotta run to the store and buy some of that "poweder" to pack it, but wanted to know if anybody else here knows what's going on, and what I need to do ?

    Thanks for any info!

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    Re: Bleeding

    Is he bleeding from his vent, a cut, or from his feathers?

    He may have just broken a bloodfeather.

    Since you don't know if it's a cut or not, do NOT use syptic powder, as that should not be used on the skin. Just use flour or cornstarch.

    If you do discover he's bleeding from his vent, you need to get him to a vet tonight.

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    Re: Bleeding

    An avian vet would be better, in case you're able to find one.

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    Re: Bleeding

    Thanx for getting back to me. I found out it was a broken blood feather. He likes to fly straight out of the cage, and I think he probably injured himself while doing a "kamikaze"...lol!

    it stopped bleeding on it's own, and I even found the suspect feather on the floor. I rinsed the area with antibacterial soap (well, suds really cuz it's not like i thoroughly washed him). Then I put some syptic powder on the open part of the feather....

    He'll be ok. I was more panicked than him. Thanx again for the tips. You guys are truly great, especially for new birdies like me!

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