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Thread: why is my male tiel being mean to my Female

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    why is my male tiel being mean to my Female

    we let our tiels mate and it was going ok they were loving on each other and then when she stopped letting him breed with her. he became mean to her trying to hurt her by bitting her feet and trying to knock her off the pirtch and bitting her in the face he is also not letting her eat or drink. she was getting verry upset and shakeing like she was scared of him. last night we took him out of the cage and put him in one next to hers. we want to know if him acting like this is normal and if its not is there some way we can stop it. they are verry attached to each other and we are also worried that them being appart might make her realy stressed and make her hrut herself. should we keep them appart or let them be back to gether. now that we have taken him away she stays in the nestting box all day and only comes out to eat and dring is this normal. please help. also do not say kill the babies because we will not do that. i had forgotten to say that before all of this he was not mean to anyone he was verry loveabule. he is also about 3 or 4 months younger then her could this make a diffrance the cage is big enoff for the 2 of them.

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    Re: why is my male tiel being mean to my Female

    If he is getting so agressive to her he is hurting her, he should not be bred again since agressivness is passed into the chicks.

    The first thing that come to mind is, is the cage they shared large enought? Are their multiple food/water dished located in the cage?

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    Re: why is my male tiel being mean to my Female

    As FJ said, if he is aggressive towards his mate they need to be separated and not bred again.

    He also might be attacking her to drive her in the nest ... to force her to go back to breeding mode.

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