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Thread: Cage Bedding...

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    Cage Bedding...

    Right now, I have paper towels on the bottom of my cage so the chicks can have a soft ground to stand on.
    They are now 5 weeks old and I am wondering if I can remove all these paper towels and just have them stand on the regular cage bars?
    IT's just kind of irritating to constantly change the paper towels since their droppings go all over it and then they end up walking on it, etc

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    Re: Cage Bedding...

    Hi, I have read other places that you can use oatmeal for the bedding.
    It is natural and if they eat it its ok compared to wood shavings etc.

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    Re: Cage Bedding...

    You dont want to use oatmeal for a cage bottom, the babies may eat poop along with the oatmeal. You dont want them to eat POOP. Keep the paper towels, coz the little legs could get caught between the cage bars and they could injure themselves. Birds are messy, but dont get upset with them...its the way they are. Be patient and just keep changing the paper towels, once a day is sufficient. Buy the cheap ones! Good luck

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    Re: Cage Bedding...

    Paper towels are definatly getting expensive these days!
    I have gone through so many rolls in the past few weeks!
    WHen are they able to stand on the cage bars?
    Ro---is that your baby bird????

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    Re: Cage Bedding...

    Where? Is she out visiting again? Anyway, they should be able to stand on the bars now, but until they are "sure" on theyre feet, Id keep the paper towels. I use paper towels in the bottom of my cage with all the adults just to keep an eye on any poop changes.

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