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Thread: all 3 kids died

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    all 3 kids died

    my Wife just opened the top of the nest box and found all 3 died within a hour just b4 that they were just fine they were 3 days old it looked like they were not going poo they craw's were full of seeds can some one help me out in finding out why this might have happened ? and tell me what I can do to fix the problem on the next batch mom lays ? thanks

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    Re: all 3 kids died

    You need to have necropsies done on their bodies to determine why they died.
    There is no other way to find out.
    If they were being fed, but not pooping, chances are they had slow, sour or stopped crop.
    However, without a necropsy, that's only a guess
    This is something that a breeder who had done their research beforehand would have noticed at the first sign of distress ('not going poo') and would have rushed them to an emergency vet clinic at the first sign of trouble.

    Do not breed the parent birds again for at least another year, or better yet, never again.
    There's generally no good reason to breed your pets

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    RE: Babies Dying

    Im sorry to hear about your birds. I wish I could help. I think constipation is a definate possiblity............................ does anyone know a remidie for bird constipation? I DONT WANT IT HAPPENING TO MY BIRDS IS WHY I ASK!!!!

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    Re: RE: Babies Dying

    I don't .

    Perhaps a call to your avain vet, they would know!

    I am sorry about your chicks . The only way to really know is to have a necropsy, though it does sound like a crop thing .

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