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Thread: Crazy Bird

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    Crazy Bird

    Hi, Having just bought a new cockatiel I am trying to train my bird but it seems that she just doesnt like me I have had her for about 2 weeks and all she does is hiss and bite me (not hard) I have spoken to friends who have birds too and they say that she is just trying to bluff me but i dont know how to stop it or get her to like me! Can any one help me? with some suggestions?

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    Re: Crazy Bird

    She is hissing and biting because you are scaring her and pushing her too hard.

    She is telling you, loud and clear, that she does not like whatever you are doing...and you deserve to be bitten if you don't back off.

    You CANNOT train a bird at a pace that you think is appropriate, you have to train and tame a bird at a pace the BIRD CHOOSES.

    You also cannot force her to like you, and if you continue to push her too hard and continue to frighten her, she may never trust you fully.

    In other words, you need to back off and slow way down.

    If you bought her from a pet store, two weeks is way too soon to expect her to be friendly.
    A more appropriate time frame for a pet store bird would be 4-6 months to become totally tame.

    Whatever you're doing, she doesn't like, so stop doing it and try other things. See what you can do that doesn't scare or upset her, and do that for awhile. When she's used to it, move on to something else.

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    Re: Crazy Bird

    Thanks for that, I just wasnt sure with time frames and stuff It seems that all the websites i visite dont give you any idea about taming time frames!
    I knew that the hissing was a defence mechinisim, so now im just trying to take it slowly with her and relax!
    Im just stroking her neck and head and letting her nibble on my fingers she seems to like that!

    Another question....
    should i be letting her out of her cage yet or not?
    She seems to enjoy riding around on my shoulder and things (esp my earings) but from what you have said this may not be the best thing for her at the moment, She deffinatly hisses less out of the cage and seems more relaxed,
    could it be that her cage is too small?

    Thanx again for you help it is much appriciated!

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    Re: Crazy Bird

    She wouldn't be frightened of a 'too small' cage, however, if her cage is any less than 18"x18"x18" it IS too small for a cockatiel.

    If she wont' willingly step onto your hand, do not allow her onto your shoulder.
    You're just inviting future dominance problems by doing so.
    Birds should only be allowed on the shoulder when you put them there, not whenever they feel like sitting there.
    When they're at eye level with you, many develop dominance issues and will try to take the "top position" in the flock. The result to you could be a bite to the face, eyes, ears, and serious injury.

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