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Thread: angry tiel

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    angry tiel

    I have a good bird gone psycho.
    Rico was once a very nice cuddly happy bird but the last 3 weeks or so he has been attacking everything that moves including chasing the dog very persistant at that one. could he mabey be in heat or is he just getting grumpy in his old age???
    please help lol


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    Re: angry tiel

    How old is he?

    If he's young, he's probably going through 'puberty'.
    He may also be just plain hormonal.

    Keep his limits set(in other words, do NOT allow behavior like that. If he's naughty he can't come out and play), keep his wings clipped, keep him BELOW eye/shoulder level on you(this means lower his cage too if you have to), and don't give him treats or rewards(this includes yelling at him, screaming at him, and/or being dramatic about his misbehavior) when he acts mean.

    The above things all help you keep your 'top bird' status.

    Oh, and keep the dog away from him; his chasing the dog could turn out to be fatal for him if the dog decides to bite back. Even the best trained dogs will take a snap if the bird gets them annoyed enough...and dog saliva alone is enough to kill a cockatiel.

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    Re: angry tiel

    I agree with NecroAngel. I bet it's just Puberty. And I also agree with her about the dog thing. Trained dogs attack their own ownesr so you can never be sure that he won't attack your tiel too. I don't think you want your tiel to die because of the dog. Just try to keep the dog away from your tiel! Good luck!

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    angry tiel

    thank you all for your suggestions.
    I am not sure what ages tiel's go thru puberty he is about 3 mabey 4 yrs old was mistreated badly before i recieved him. I have been keeping his wings clipped once a month mabey once every other month. I will try your suggestions on keeping him in his cage which is hard he has figured out how to open every cage door i have lol. I will let yall know how he does I hope he changes attitudes soon i hate walking thru the house getting attacked lol.

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    Budgie Wizard

    Re: angry tiel

    why are you clipping his wings every month?

    They only need to be clipped when he molts and the flight feathers grow back in.

    If he was mistreated at his old home, that explains, 100% why he acts the way he does...and in that case it's going to take infinite patience, infinite tolerance to bites(even ones that draw blood), and a lot of gentle persistance on your part.

    If he's figured out how ot open the cage doors, put a padlock on them or get him a 'bird proof' cage..they do make them, but they're expensive.

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