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Thread: my bird cant fly

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    my bird cant fly

    When I got my whiteface male cockatiel a year ago, (he turned a year old in July) his wings were clipped to far back and he lost his tail feathers from falling when he tried to fly. Now after he's molted and his full wings and tail feathers are back he still can't fly, and when he gets scared he fall on the ground and does "cartwheels" Also, he had hard black feathers on his neck and head and cheeks, like ingrown feathers and when you touch them he will scream. Are these normal? my other gray cockatiel does not have any. if you could tell me what's wrong or give any advice please reply.
    Thanks, Emily

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    Re: my bird cant fly

    The feathers sound like pin feathers(feathers that haven't grown completely in yet..sort of like buds on a plant that aren't out of the sheath yet). They can be sensitive, so if he doesn't like you touching them, try not to. If they're not preened off by your other 'tiel, they'll eventually come off on their own.

    As for the way he spazzes when trying to fly, have you talked to a vet about it to make sure it's not an actual medical condition?

    You said he only does it when he gets scared...how does he do when he's NOT spooked?
    If he spooks easily, it would probably be best to keep him clipped...at least clipped he'd have less of a chance of banging into a window or wall at full flight speed.

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    Re: my bird cant fly

    I agree with NecroAngel. She's really helping me out with the board! Hope to hear from you soon Emily!

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