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Thread: looking for permission =)

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    looking for permission =)

    I'm not very knowledgable as of yet, but I eventually want to make an online book about cockatiels. Would anyone here be willing to allow me to use pictures of theirs in the book? Or maybe some of the answers to peoples' questions? As for the answers, I might just take notes from it, rather than quote it... Anyway, I thought I might as well ask now, even if the project isn't complete for several years heehee, if you wouldn't mind, I'd appreciate it if you'd let me know

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    Re: looking for permission =)

    i'm happy for you to use pics of both my current (normal grey female) tiel and my old cinnamon hen. and also happy for you to quote me in what i say here! i'm <!--EZCODE UNDERLINE START-->always<!--EZCODE UNDERLINE END--> happy to help more tiel owners, and if i can help you more, all the better! if ya want me to write anything specific, i'll try my best!
    i just wanna say, i by no means consider myself an expert, and my advice is just that; advice. i'm always learning, and i love learning more about tiels, and my personal ideas often change with learning. i give my advice here, to be stored in peoples brains and for them to pass on to others, so spreading the word. evrything i write, has all ready been written, that's how i learnt it! so (in my opinion!) i say go ahead, help other tiel owners! and feel free to any info i write that you think might be handy!
    one thing: it would be GREAT, if, in this online book, to put a link to us back here as a referance and place for tiel (and budgie!) questions!!!? if you link back to us, i'm sure everyone will be happy to share! good luck with it, and thank you for asking permission! it shows how responsible you are!


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    Yay! And yes, I think I will be providing a link =D thanks!

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