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Thread: how do i post pictures of my birdies

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    how do i post pictures of my birdies

    i have a digital camerra but how do i get them to this board

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    Re: how do i post pictures of my birdies

    you need the pics to be online, and the place where you have them online must allow you to link to them! yahoo doesn't work (it won't allow remote linking, so the pics won't show up on the board) but i've found 'netscape' and 'webshots' works. they give you free space online, so anyone can use them! check out netscape at: www.netscape.com/ (to go straight to joining: my.screenname.aol.com/_cq...omSignin=1 )
    and webshots at: www.webshots.com/homepage.html (to go straight to joining: daily.webshots.com/script...shots.com/ )
    i don't know which is best...... webshots is really for free web pages, and web shots is made especialy for pics, so maybe webshots would be easiest.......? i dunno!
    then ya need to get them on the board!
    you need to right click on your pic when on the web, and choose 'properties' from the drop down menu. then copy the URL of your pic.
    then when in the 'new post' screen, you can click on "posting tools" at the very top, and click on 'IMG'. it will insert the correct html. paste the URL of your pic between ']['
    also, take a look at the thread here: pub103.ezboard.com/ftheco...=103.topic
    it explains it all as well.
    try it out in the testing forum. if you'r still stuck, ask again and we'll try to help!
    good luck!


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