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Thread: egg binding

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    Re: egg binding

    You've done the best step you can take....setting up the appt. with your vet.

    To make things more comfortable for her, you may want to avoid handling her as much as you can. You may also want to try placing a warm, moist washcloth for her to sit on---even stick her bumbum in some warm water; which may in itself aid the egg to remove itself.

    Keep us posted, and good luck.

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    egg binding

    inging I'm worried, my lovebird laid 2 non-fertil eggs 1 week ago and has been acting fine ever since...playing with her toys, whistling, eatting ect. But upon handling her today I noted her lower abdomin to be very hard, and I'm afraid she has another egg in there. I immediately called the vet, and she has an appointment for tomorrow. But, is that too late? I've heard so many horror stories. Thanks!

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    Re: egg binding

    Go with annabnana. she is right...pls....keep us posted!!!!

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