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Thread: My Budgies Seriously Hate Me

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    Re: My Budgies Seriously Hate Me

    why dont you try seperating them and putting them in different cages and work with them one on one...i'm having touble with my budgie cuz i think shes bonded with my tiel but since they are not in the same cage its not that bad...my birdys play time are gonna have to be seperated cuz she is gettting to close to my tiel and isnt being a good birdy...once she gets better they can spend alot of time together. try that with your birds...if you want to tame your birds your gonna take some time cuz of there age but i think its possible

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    My Budgies Seriously Hate Me

    I have two budgies sweety and tweety and I have had them for 2 years. I have tried to tame em but they wont let me touch them they bite me and scream verry loud. What should I do? Should I just give up? Please hlep me!!!!!

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    Re: My Budgies Seriously Hate Me

    First of all, welcome to the board!
    Separating them is a good idea if you want to tame them down. Make sure their individual cages are big enough. I don't remember offhand what the cage requirements are, so go here.
    Are their wings clipped? A wing clipping makes the bird dependent on you when going places, so this might make the whole process a little bit easier.
    When their wings are clipped, and you have them in their cages, start working on doing your activities near them so they get used to your presence. When you have your one on one time with your birds, you can try leaving the cage door open while you are there and see if they decide to come out on their own. Once they get used to you and you can put your hand in the cage (I would suggest starting this by putting your hand in with millet, or some other treat they adore) without them fluttering about and screaming, you need to teach the step up/step down command. This is probably one of the most important commands for a bird to know, and it will help ease some disciplinary problems you might encounter in the future.
    Good luck, and keep us posted!

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    Re: My Budgies Seriously Hate Me

    Thanks so much. The people on this board are the best!

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