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Thread: Planning for emergency veterinary care

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    Planning for emergency veterinary care

    I REALLY want to emphasize the importance of an emergency vet care plan. There are so many things working against us when our birds get sick - there are few, if any, avian vets in most areas, and the ones that do exist are probably not open weekends, holidays, etc. And even when they are open, everyone else that is going has an emergency too, so you have ltos of competition to get an appointment. That's why it's so important to have more than one place to go.

    I want to add another couple of ideas idea I've just had - on evenings and weekends, make some calls. MAKE THEM NOW! DON'T WAIT! Find out the followign info:

    1) If any regular vets have weekend or evening hours, find out if they have any experience with birds. If they do, it is probably better to go to them than to wait.

    2) If there are emergency 24-hour clinics in your area, find out if they do birds. The ones that do can go at the top of your list. The ones that don't go at the bottom, but you may still need to call them someday, so keep those numbers!

    2) If there are no emergency clinics that deal with birds, ask your avian vet where to go in an emergency (actually, ask your vet regardless -can't hurt!). Ask if it would be possible for your avian vet to consult with regular vets in the area NOW to tell them what antibiotics and dosages are generally used in birds. That way, if your birds sick on a Friday evening, and your vet can't see it until Monday, you at least might have somewhere to take your bird to get antibiotics until it can be seen by an avian vet. I know that not all problems require antibiotics, and I know that sometimes, this is not the way to go, but one or two days usually makes the difference between life and death to a sick bird - better to get it medication that may or may not help, rather than wait a few days and risk the very high probability that the bird will die.

    4) I hate to say this, but don't burn your bridges. If you have an avian vet that you don't particularly like, and want to tell off, just keep in mind that you might have to go back there someday...

    So please everyone, get those numbers ready. Make yourself two lists - one with numbers for non-emergencies, and one for emergencies. Have as many numbers as possible, but prioritize your list. Who to all first, who to call second, and so on. It's really easy to go down a list and call as many places as necessary until you find someone that can take your bird in an emergency, but trust me - it's NOT easy to fiddle through the Yellow Pages and phone 100 vets when an emergency is in progress.

    That's my suggestion, anyway.

    Does anyone have any suggestions for or links to info on emergency first aid for birds? That would probably also be really useful to this topic.
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    Re: Planning for emergency veterinary care

    If I can just add that it would be good to have a first aid kit on hand as well. I know when one of my birds had a blood feather and was bleeding, I was scrambling for the cornstarch. Now I have a little kit and I know exactly where everything is...interestingly enough, there is a good link from Tailfeathers with suggestions as to what may be put in a first aid kit:


    Hopefully this will be helpful as well.

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