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Thread: Breeding Budgies

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    Breeding Budgies

    ping Hey there! I am interested in breeding budgies. I had two but recently they flew away. I hadnt clipped their wings in a while and I forgot to shut the back door when I let them out and they flew away. But anyways, losing my birds has inspired me to get more and possibly start breeding. I am very interested but sadly I have been looking online for about 2 days and I havent found any information. I baught a couple books which gave me alot of information but no information about breeding. So I was wondering if anyone had any information that would help me. I will take any information I can get. Also if you have any types of links that would be great too! Thankyou so much! I would greatly appriciate it!
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    Re: Breeding Budgies

    My favorite bird site is this one... hope it helps it sure has me....... Sorry about the birds flying away. Just make sure not to mate them until you have all the info. I also got books from my local library and they had lots on breeeding info. Goodluck!!!!!!!

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    Re: Breeding Budgies

    Not sure where to start, so just gonna jump off

    To start you need money, time, and room!

    Both the hen and the male need to be 18-2 year ld to berrd, preferably 2 years old. You will need to cages if they need to be seperated when not breeding.

    They need to beon a very healty, nutritious diet includung greens, eggshell (2 time weekly), seed and pellets. if they will eat chick handfeedinfmula in a "mash", that is a definite plus!

    Budgies should not raise more than two clutches a year, many many breeders will tell you only one clutch. It depends on your birds and your time.

    Personaly, I d no advocate breeding your basic petstore birds-such as from petsmart of a cahin type store, simply because you no nothing of the genetics of the parnets, the health or temperment of the parents (or your birds as chicks), the mutations are at best "mixed," and very hard to predict or achive certain mutations because of this loss of knowlege. Terialso a very very high chance the birds are siblings- and inbreeding can be devistating. Your petstore budgie is basically a "mutt" like you might find at the SPCA- a mix of many different mutations of bugie. The purpose of breeding,obviously, is to somehow improve the budgrigarier- to do that you need to start with quality budisthat you know much about. That is why I would reccomend a REPUTABLE breeder to purchase from. They can tell you about the parents, genetics, etc of the line of bird you buy.

    Yes, I realize there are some wonderful privatly-owned petstores that might be just as good as a breeder, but where I live there are not, so I tend to take a pessimistic view.

    Please realize that these birds when breeding are not he cuddly friendly pets they are-their personalities can change drastically.

    I'm gonna link you to several sites- feel free to ask for clarification or elaboration on any of the topics you encounter .

    --Read through both the Budgie and Tiel breeding forums. They are very smilar- the main differences will be spacing and handfeeding needs. You may also want to look through the FAQ's of each,- I know there is a VERY good budgie mutations link.

    - The First REAL Step of Breeding
    - Budges-N-Tiels [breeding]

    -computer probles I'll try to come back and edit this :s
    -adding simce computer seems to be working now...

    - Genetics and Color Breeding in Budgies
    - Common Budgie Medical Conditions
    - Reducing Chick Mortality
    - Fertile Eggs-Candling/Bobbing

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