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Thread: ? about them feeding eachother?

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    ? about them feeding eachother?

    If Sweetie does lay eggs in like a week or so and while she is in her box nesting them how does she drink? Does she get out to drink or does what he feed her supply fluid also for her? I have there water right outside her box where it has always been and I also have had a fruit and seed bar hanging outside the box. I have read alot but I think I missed that part. Thanks again!
    smile Trisha

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    Re: ? about them feeding eachother?

    I think they get out to drink and to poop but that is all. I might be wrong but that is what I read.

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    So true thanks

    My hubby also thinks the wet food also adds moisture for her also. Thanks again for answering me.
    smile Trisha

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    Re: So true thanks

    And there will be a lot of moisture in the food the father feeds to her.


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    Thanks Mick! Just wanted to make sure. I worry about them.

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