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Thread: Eggs

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    My Budgie just laid eggs and theres a few things i need to know. The weather is cold will they survive? alos if they hatch what food do i put in the cage for the mother to feed them? Thx

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    Re: Eggs

    assuming you have a male and female (you didn't actualy say....!)
    how much do you know about breeding? no offence but it doesn't sound like much.... i'd suggest not letting them hatch, and reserching more on breeding, as it's not something ya should just 'do' coz your budgie has layed eggs! especialy at this time of the year! here's a pretty convincing argument budgies-n-tiels.com/breeding.html
    so what i'd tell ya to do now, is to remove the eggs on by one and boil them (yes, put them in boiling water for a couple of minutes!) then mark it with a pencil/pen and put back, repeating with all the eggs until they've all been done, also do any others that are layed. this way the parents can sit on the eggs and look after them, but you won't get any chicks this time. simply removing the eggs doesn't work as the female then goes about replacing them, and draining her body in the process of making constant eggs! (this can kill a bird if she lays all the time....) they won't be 'sad' that their eggs don't hatch, it happens alot in the wild that a clutch of eggs don't hatch, they will simply abandon the eggs after a while. only then can you remove them.
    please don't try to let them raise a clutch now, as you need to do much more reserch.... and it IS cold.....
    also, how old are the budgies? they have to be at LEAST 18 months old to even think about breeding them... 2 years old is even better!
    as for feeding, they need their (hopefully) normal diet of seeds/pellets and vegies, make sure they have access to mineral block/cuttle bone for added calcium, and also you can add bits of boiled egg and egg shell. don't add any vitamins, as if they have a good diet already they shouldn't need them! make sure they have pleanty of fresh foods, as that's what they'd eat in the wild! you should condition your budgies with top quality food several months BEFORE breeding... so as this sounds like unplaned eggs, i'd make sure they're getting the right diet straight away. a female without a good diet can have problems with laying eggs, life-threatning problems....
    good luck, and please don't let them breed this time......? and also, don't take offence with anything i say, i don't mean it offencivly!


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