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Thread: How do you catch a "Wild" Budgie ???

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    How do you catch a "Wild" Budgie ???

    Hi All,

    I'm a bird owner (lovebird) who has feeders in my backyard, and about 3 weeks ago a budgie started appearing with all the wild birds ! He seems to come with sparrows, and hangs around with them, but he must have escaped from some home in the neighborhood. I live in a cold climate (Canada) and within weeks we will be getting frost, I'm afraid this little guy will perish if I don't find a way to catch him (he's flies away when approached). I'd like to try to find and return him to his owner if I catch him. I have a spare cage to keep him temporarily, but I just don't know how he could be caught.

    Does anyone have any suggestions ? Has anyone sucessfully retrieved someone elses bird ?

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    Re: How do you catch a "Wild" Budgie ???

    Hi there, Nancy. Welcome to Tailfeathers.

    That's a tough question. It's hard to catch them, because as soon as you get close, they fly away. What we often suggest is to put the bird's cage (obviously, you don't have that bird's cage, but you have *a* cage) outside, and fill the dishes with seed. The bird may go in. It can't hurt to try, but to be honest, we keep suggesting it, but nobody has ever given us any feedback that it has worked. Still, it's worth a shot. Also, if any kind of food will attract that bird, my guess is that spray millet will do the trick. You can go to any petsore and buy a bag of spray millet. It comes in long, about 8-10" long sprays (a long twig with seed bunches all over it), which are probably easily recognizable as millet, even from a distance, to any domesticated bird that has ever seen millet in its life. You can tie one spray millet to the bars of the cage, and put one at the bottom. Most birds love spray millet, and it's a very commonly fed treat, so your wild budgie friend may recognize it.

    If the owner is trying to find that bird, then he/she has likely contacted avian vets, regular vets, pet stores, the Humane Society, and any other animal protection or animal control agencies in the area. If you can locate the owner, then that could be a great advantage, as the owner will hopefully have a better idea of what could lure that bird in, and its own cage might have a better chance of catching the bird than your cage, which it has never seen. You can also try posting "Found Budgie" flyers in your neighbourhood.

    Good luck, and please keep us posted.

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    Re: How do you catch a "Wild" Budgie ???

    this may not work in a cold climate
    but one sure way of catching an untame 'wild' budgie in the wild is drenching it with a hose. Waterlogged budgies (and other birds) can't fly very well or very high, and this would enable you to get a sheet or a towel over the bird and get him inside...
    although this would be a worry if you don't manage to catch him and he ends up all wet in the cold...

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    I've done it BEFORE!

    Hiya! (Yes, I have caught a budgie in my garden before heehee)
    First of all the bird was hungry, it was on the ground trying to eat the seed that was kicked out by my birds in my avairy. So, she was pretty desperate for food to be eating it from the ground. Anyway, what I did was a had a cage with the door opened, hooked a cup of seed inside the cage, just a few inches away from the door. I had a very very long stick/perch (about 50cm) that helped showed the bird where the door was. In a few mintues, she climbed up the perch, shuffled along, and pop! she's inside the cage! Since the perch was LONG, I managed to shut the cage door with the perch, while keeping my distance from it. and Wa-la! You've got the bird!

    Oh one more thing, you can put a perch deep inside the cage, so that the bird won't be standing on the long perch when you are trying to close the cage door.
    Hope it helps.


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    Re: I've done it BEFORE!

    Amazing, elainety!

    I was going to suggest putting lots of food around, and then waiting with a towel (toss towel onto the bird while it's eating) ... but your idea seems much better.


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    SUCCESS !! "Wild" Budgie caught !

    Hi all,

    Its turns out ny neighbour was able to catch the bird, by building a wooden cage with chicken wire and a hinged door. We told him about the budgie and he soon noted the bird had been coming to his feeders, too. He placed the cage outside with some food in the centre of the cage and waited by the window with a string tied to the door of the cage. When all the birds came to feed, he waited until the other birds (sparrows) had come and gone and only the budgie was inside the cage, then he pulled the string to close the cage door.

    We saw our neighbour this morning before my husband left for work and he told us he caught the bird - we couldn't believe it ! We went next door and sure enough, there he was, the healthy green budgie that had been flying around and visiting our feeders for weeks, inside the homebuilt cage. He seemed to be in good shape and resonably calm, and even our lovebird Chippie seemed to like him as he and the budgie exchanged chirps and examined each other closely through the wire.

    A new wrinkle, though. Our neighbour is a freindly spanish-speaking man who also likes birds (hence his feeders) and has been a great freind and neighbor to us as he often looks after Chippie while we are away. He wants to keep the bird, which I think is OK except for the fact that this may be someone's beloved pet and they may be looking for him. I have not seen any flyers posted in the neighborhood or phoned the pet shops or humane society yet, but I don't know now how to approach the subject with our neighbour, who doesn't speak much english. Should I suggest to him to do these things and leave it up to him, should I do them myself, or should I just keep quiet ?

    Any opinions would be appreciated. Thanks !

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