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Thread: Problems ^^;

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    Problems ^^;

    My father's birds have quite the run-down cage. It's in alright shape, but there are problems.
    The main one being that the hard plastic bottom has broken and is now held together with a rope..
    I keep telling my dad to buy a new one, but he says it's fine. The birds have lived a long time with this, but you never know right?

    I think maybe I will get some money and buy them a new one myself somehow.

    Another thing, they like to chew on the drywall above the door. They also chew on paper like crazy. What can I do to make them stop chewing the drywall? I would just keep them in their cage, but they start to go crazy and stop eating T_T

    I feel so bad that our house is so hazardous to them, they've done well so far. But from everything I'm surprised they've made it this far.

    Then again, they rarely stary from their cage or nearby, so they don't get into anything..
    Maybe I'm just overreacting a little, but I do feel a little bad.

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    Re: Problems ^^;

    Hi Cidsa.

    Thanks for sharing your problem with us all.

    If you could invest in a new cage that would be much better for the birds. When ever I think of cracks, and I may be wrong, even in a drinking glass that us humans drink from, there is always potential for bacteria to grow, as it is hard to keep clean. So, I would try and invest in a new cage, if you can.

    Now for your other question about the birds eating dry wall, how funny. I found my tiels one day hanging from the door jam eating the top of it. I shooshed them away, that did not work, as they flew back to it. Eventually, with my birds, I had to put up like a "scarecrow" type thing, something that they are afraid of. I did not want to use tape across the door jam, as they would start chewing on that, and that is not good for them either. So, I just put a item up that deters them from flying up there. It may not look good if company comes, but you could always remove the item.

    Hopefully, others here will have other suggestions.

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    Speaker of the house (the chatty one) Tailfeather Duddles's Avatar
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    Re: Problems ^^;

    Cidsa - yes, your little guys defeinitely need a new cage. You can find some pretty good deals on e-Bay. Here is a link to a cage that both Mama Beare Darwin and Kathy5 have, that they got on e-Bay. www.smartgroups.com/vault...locage.jpg

    Pootspete - that's a great suggestion about making a scarecrow or otherwise keeping the birds away from the area.

    If you think that your house has many dangers for the birds, you should do some work on bird-proofing the place. Look for any sources of danger -
    -sharp items
    -pieces of furniture that they can fall behind (think of this - if they fall behind a really heavy bookcase - how are you going to get them out of there?),
    -any poisonous items, such as pot pouri or other scented items, as well as plants that couold be poisonous
    -any open containers of water, such as fish tanks, vases, toilets and mop buckets.
    I would take a close look through the area, and do what you can right away, but this sort of thing is always an ongoing project - you will often see something that you previosuly overlooked as a hazard.

    You say that your birds do not usually venture far from their cage, but if the places they do go to are no-nos, you could always try to provide whatever you think they are looking for at their cage - give them plenty of chew toys, and tpys with moving beads or other parts, and rotate the toys to keep the birds interested.

    Phew - that was a long one from the beak of Duddles! Let us know how everything goes, Cidsa, and for sure tell us when you get a new cage.

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