So. . .both this morning and tonight Quin did not want to get on my finger and come out of his cage even though he's in there acting like he wants attention or something.

So I put millet on my hand and coax him onto my hand. While he's eating the millet I slowly move him toward the door of the cage. Finally, he's out of the cage at the doorway and happily eating millet. He lets me pet him and contiues eating. Finally the millet is all gone so I slowly put him back into the cage.

I figured I'd do this a few times so that he'd want to get on my hand and come out. Well. Not 2 minutes after I put him back and close the door he starts flying at the door, back to the perch, at the door, back to the perch, etc. So I just open the door and let him come out on his own. Ok that's fine.

So he flies around a bit then sits on his window pirch for a long, long time looking outside. Then he starts to sing and sing and it turns into screeching. What the heck does he want? When I go to him it's like he's making a game of getting on my hand then getting off and running up and down the pirch. He does not seem scared, it's like this is a game!

So now I can't get him back into his cage. He gets really upset if I cup my hand around him and bites (not hard, but hard enough to let me know that he does not like it). I can't let him stay on that window pirch all night, he'll need to get back into his cage eventually but how do I do it?

I tried getting him to come with millet, but it's the same game. He grabs a bite and runs on the pirch then grabs another bite then runs on the pirch. He loves the pirch and looks so happy there. Has his face feathers all puffed out, sings really pretty now and then, preens himself, stretches, but he is so stubborn! What can I do to get him back into his cage without scaring him half to death?