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Thread: Epoxy coating?

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    Epoxy coating?

    I'm looking at a few cages on ebay for Johnny, and some of them say they are "epoxy coated". I can't seem to find any info about this. Does anyone know if epoxy coating is safe? Is it just the same as a powder coating?

    Thanks for any info!

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    Re: Epoxy coating?

    Hmm...You know, I don't actually think that's safe. I know Epoxy glue is toxic to birds...but I'm unsure if it's safe in the form it's put onto a cage. I do know a few cages out there have it....Sorry I can't be much more help. Maybe someone else can tell you for sure...

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    Re: Epoxy coating?

    epoxy glue would be toxic just because of all the solvent and hardener fumes outgassing as it dries, but whether the solid epoxy resin left behind is still toxic, i don't know.

    a quick google search tells me epoxy resins are moderately complex organic polymers terminated at each end by a short, small-circular "epoxy group". but that alone says nothing about toxicity. the finished, hardened product is supposed to be a large, crosslinked network which to my inexpert eye looks fairly stable - but bird stomachs presumably have all the same acids mammal ones do, and a little HCl can throw a lot of curve balls when you're playing at organic chem.

    hm. i just don't know either. i *suspect* a hardened epoxy coating should be okay so long as the bird doesn't ingest pieces of the epoxy, but i have no actual experience. take care, unless somebody else knows better than i...

    oh, and one link i found says it's possible for humans, at least, to develop contact allergies to epoxy resins. might want to look out for that.

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    Re: Epoxy coating?

    Wow... thanks for all that info lynx! I did a few other searches myself, and from what I can gather it seems to just carry the same cautions as any other cage material - just watch for any chips.


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