This is so cute. I put Bubble( the female) down on the floor and I back away a couple of feets and kneewl down then I spread out one arm on my side and say" come come come..." really fast and Bubbled comes running quickly and jumps to my arm. Its so cute. I was wonderin if she only did this bcz she wanted to be higher or she actually understood the command???? Anyway its really cute. Also I took her to the bathroom by herself and she was really scared ( bcz i usually took them out together and just took each bird to the bathtub for a whle) and she was huddled in a corner. I dint want to scare her more by making her perch so I put seeds on my hand and offered it to her. after a while she ate( this isnt th first time but its the first time outside the cage) and i slowly moved my hand towards me and shed rune to my hand to eat it was so cute and i just kept moveing my hnd and she kept running over. Such a cutie. and the male has progressed. When he is out in the bathroom ( not in the bathtub) he wont perch unless i pput my hand on his back and lightly pushe on him and he always tries to get off when hes on my finger if I put him to my hand. But today i put him on my arm and fed him veggies foe quite a while and then i put my finger to the ground ( thinking hell jump out) but he didnt i was so happy and then i finally got him off with a perch) i tried to make him perch again ( after a while) and he did with no fuss or me having to make him I was so happy :haha :haha . God, I love them.

P.S. on a diff note, why did u leave right away when u joined the chatroom, fetherjinxer. Are you mad at me or you just dont like me( which is fine)