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Thread: Budgie Question

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    Re: Budgie Question

    Hmmm... well sounds like your budgie is at least slightly tame since it does want to spend time with you when food is involved

    In theory - female budgies are harder to tame than male budgies but in my personal experience that isn't true. In fact, Kaylea is more tame then Snowy probably because I spent more time with her.

    Sometimes hand taming takes a while so don't get discouraged! It doesn't sound like she's completely afraid of your hand so I guess just keep gently touching her chest with one hand while holding the food in the other to teach her to step up. If she already does this and if your only concerned about trying to get her tame minus food - I guess you can just try to work with her without food. Put your hand in the cage slowly and push it up against her chest.. if she shys away pull back a little and then try again. Talk to her the whole time so she gets used to your voice.

    Did you try taking her out of her cage and then putting her cage in another room away from her? Spending time kind of one on one with your budgie when it can't see it's cage and it's more dependent on you for security I would assume can sometimes help.

    Keep in mind not all budgies want to be tame and some keep that independent nature about them no matter what you do It's really great that she seems to take food from you Just keep working with her and be patient!

    Side Note: Yay! I'm starting to sound like I know more about budgies! I've learned a lot in the last 3 months!

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    Re: Budgie Question

    go NJ!!

    It can take sevral months to tame a pet-store budgie, so don't give up! NJ is right, get to the point where he will perch on you for food, and take him to another room. Then she should cling to you for security. Try holding without food!

    Are her wings clipped? If not, that will help a LOT.

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    Billy Burgess

    Budgie Question

    Does anyone have any tips on training a female budgie? Mine will not have anything to do with me, unless I have food in my hand.

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