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Thread: Budgie Bonding

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    Re: Budgie Bonding

    Tame them and handle them separately, after a while each bird will develop a bond with you
    If you decide to put them together in the same room or in the same cage a while later, after each has a bond with you, they will stil be bonded to you even living together with regular handling.

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    Budgie Bonding

    Hi I have a question about budgie bonding. I brought two budgies about one month ago, but have separated them into their own cages. They are also in separate rooms. During the morning, they can hear each other's call, so they become quite vocal, to the point of waking me up in the morning! My question is, will this affect my chances of these birds bonding with me, and regarding me apart of "their flock?" I want these birds to bond to me, to the point where they regard me as their mate (i.e preening, mimicing me, calling out. . etc.), not as a benign presence. These birds are young bar-heads, and are hand-tamed. I usually handle them one at a time.

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