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Thread: Avian Vet

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    Re: Avian Vet

    Kaylea also keeps making this noise that is almost like she is sneezing - She does it mainly when she drinks water though.... I've been SEEING her drink water though which I assume may not be a good sign. If she is drinking a lot it could be cause she IS sick.

    Her ceres is clear and her stools are normal. She is active. Just this cough noise and then the periodic regurgitation thing. (by periodic i mean once or twice a week). I really am worried about her.

    Anybody know of anything I could do in the meantime for her?

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    Avian Vet

    I found an avian vet near my home (YAY) only probably about a half hour away and I called up for an initial office visit to have Kaylea (and probably Snowy too) checked out.

    I asked them the price over the phone and they told me my initial office visit is going to be 39 DOLLARS and then antibiotics or anything above that will cost more. I probably sound really cheap - but for a poor college student 39 dollars is a lot of money. (Notice how they always say 39 instead of just 40 bucks cause it sounds like less!!)

    Kaylea has had a little bit of a persistant regurgitation thing that comes and goes - I talked about it before and it's darn well time it gets checked out. It keeps faking me out b/c I think it goes away and then it comes back again.

    Anyway, I'm probably going to try and get a hold of the money somehow and provided it stops snowing we will be off to an avian vet appointment on Sat. I can't get her there in the snow though unless it was absolutely necessary a.) The roads are really icy and b.) I don't particularily want to take her out in the snow!!

    Well - I just figured I'd chat about it here and ask everyone else what kinds of prices do they pay to see their avian vetrinarians? Does that sound way too pricey?

    Also - I may have to start clipping her wings and nails on my own. It will just get way too pricey to keep running her to a vet to do it every month or so. I watched the regular vet do it last time and had her show me what she was doing - and I have a number of budgie books. I was wondering, does anyone else on the bird do their own birds? Where could I purchase the powder that is necessary to have if (and i hope no!) something happens with a blood feather? Any advice about this would be great Thanks!

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    Re: Avian Vet

    I don't think the sneezing is anything to worry about. Budgies sneeze just like we do. You do have a problem if it is a wet sneeze (meaning wet discharge from the nostrils) though.

    The regurgitation is normal to Im sure. Birds regurgitate to feed their young so maybe she's practicing...

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    Re: Avian Vet

    I pay about 30, and of course, anything else they do is extra... .

    i clip my own; It is very easy, though you may want to have someone help the first time you do it

    The vet will usually work out a payment plan, ask him about it

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