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Thread: Big mistake?

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    Re: Big mistake?

    Unless you hae a necropsy done, there really is no way to tell.
    The only think i can think of :Were you using one of the bulbs that are coated so they do not break (well, don't shatter)? Those are coated with Teflon, and could have hbeen the cause if it overheated.
    So sorry about your loss

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    Big mistake?

    Hello everyone,

    I post this message because i need to know. About 2 months ago i noticed that my budgie, Pixel, was sick. For some reasons, i couldn't go to the avian vet until a couple of days (which is too long for a sick budgie i know).

    Meanwhile, i was seeking some tips on the Net to help my budgie until we can go to the vet. A trick i've seen on many websites was to put a lamp with a 60 watts bulb close to the cage, to help saving the bird's energy by keeping it warm. Pixel could move away from the lamp if it was too hot (though he didn't). The lamp was on 24/24. About 2 days later, i nocided that Pixel's nostrils was becoming much darker. A very dark blue, and it looked soft. Also, the top of his beak (just before the nostrils) was very dark, even black.

    The next day, Pixel falled down his perch. I took him with me on the bed, he was disorientated (like someone that is drunk), his body was tilting to a particular side. He was some kind of paralyzed. Few minutes later, he died.

    My question is, is the lamp responsible for all of this? (darker nostrils, desorientation, ...) Before i put the lamp, he had the symptoms of Coccidiosis, but he could still fly out his cage to go on his playing park. I think i did a big mistake but putting the lamp, i just need to know. Thanks for any help!

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