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Thread: Preparing for a new bird

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    Preparing for a new bird

    My family has decided to buy a new bird. What type of changes are really needed? I have read no perfumes, aresols, teflon pans and what types of cages to get and not to get.

    What about regular cleaning of the house. I normally use Pinesol, bleach solution with water, comet in the bathrooms, regular laundry powder and fabric softener. What is ok and what isnt?

    Was also thinking of keeping its cage in the laundry room. That sounds no fun but we plan on interacting alot with the bird in other rooms making it part of the family. At night time thats where the dogs go in to sleep so thats why I was thinking of putting it in there.

    My house is also needing to be painted inside and the carpets annual cleaning. How would a bird do in that situation?

    Thanks in advance,

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    Next bird-English Budgie Tailfeather Pootspete's Avatar
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    Re: Preparing for a new bird

    HI and welcome to Tailfeathers. Thank you for your questions.

    You may just want to familiarize yourself now with this thread of facts.


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    Re: Preparing for a new bird

    Hi and Welcome to Tailfeathers! It's really great that you are researching cockatiels before you buy, I didnt but I wish I had. It would have made things a lot easier. Here is another Great Site with lots of good information. As for the cleaning, I try not to have my tiel around any strong odors. When I clean my kitchen(floors, cabnets, heavy cleaning), for example, I put Homer's cage in a bedroom with the door closed. When I clean the bathrooms, I make sure he is on the other side of the house and I keep things well ventilated. It's not too much of a change for us, both my daughter and myself have asthma, so the fumes bother us too. Sometimes it may seem like a lot of extra work, but it's well worth it! I cant' imagine our family without our tiel.
    If you have more questions, dont' hesitate to post them!!o

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