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Thread: hates to be out of his cage

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    hates to be out of his cage

    I am new here. I got a cockatiel (call him kukku) 3 weeks ago. He is eating fine and whistles for attention. My question is: he does not like to come out of the cage. when i start to bring my finger near him, he runs to the back of the cage (he thinks i can't get him there). I have to corner him so he can't run and then bring him out with the step up command to give him a bath etc. I can't understand why he does not like to come out!! I try to bring him out twice a day, once morning and once evening. After i put him back, he is mad at me. he makes this angry screeching noise, he gets stresses out, starts grinding his beak and bobbing his head, his crest goes flat (agressive mode). please give me ideas.
    my previous cockatiel loved to be outside, and within 10 days he wanted his head rub. this guy hates to be touched. He wants attention, but only by being inside his cage. thanks a lot.

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    Re: hates to be out of his cage

    Hello, and welcome to TF!! First off, it's good to hear that you are concerned about your bird and want the best for him.
    Cockatiels are all different...your first tiel adapted faster than your more recent tiel---and that's very normal. Different tiels, handle things differently. Because your cockatiel is new too your home, it's VERY important that you let it have an adjusting period. NEVER rush a cockatiel, to do anything it doesn't want too. That's only going to slow the training progress.
    I don't suggest you give it a bath in these first few days, as a first few baths can be very stressful for cockatiels. Wait until you have gained your tiel's trust before you do that.

    Go through the TF's archives. There are LOTS of endless amounts of suggestions and helpful hints on training your bird. Try a few, then come back and let us know in more detail what worked for you and what didn't. Good luck, and keep us posted.

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    Re: hates to be out of his cage

    thank you very much. I will not force him out of his cage until he wants to!! thank you.

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    Re: hates to be out of his cage

    birds are more like people than a lot of animals. I don't think I would take kindly to being shuffled around houses for no apparent reason... hope everything works out OK.

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