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Thread: "Step up" - No Probs, but "Step Down" is

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    "Step up" - No Probs, but "Step Down" is

    Ok, So Robuck is doing great. The aggression seems to be sliding as I have moved his cage to a MUCH lower position (top perch about my navel height), less time out of the cage, and no shoulders until he's lost the nibbles. So as he goes up my arm, I take him off and do the steps saying "step up".

    When it's cage time, step down doesn't register and he tries to catch his beak on the door and I attempt to put him in.

    Should I put him on my hand and say "Step Down" onto my lap whilst nudging him off to train him to step down? I'm assuming that once this is as fluid as "step up" he will be more comfortable in returning to his little home.

    Any Ideas would be great!

    Best Regards, Damian.

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    Mooshy Moo

    Re: "Step up" - No Probs, but "Step Down&quot

    Try putting him in the cage tail first. That way, he should be completely in the cage before he can anchor his beak into anything.

    I've taught my tiel to step down by placing it near surfaces about it's breast height and saying "down down down". I nudge it so it loses its balance and steps onto the surface. Then it gets head scritches.

    It seems to have worked.

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    Re: "Step up" - No Probs, but "Step Down&quot

    It's normal for tiels to not get the 'down' command for a while, as their natural climbing instinct is to go up

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    Re: "Step up" - No Probs, but "Step Down&quot

    What I did was to place a perch by the door about half way up the door height. I then slowly lowered the perch to get to the down command. When I tried with the perch lower I thought that they maybe didn't know what I wanted so they decided just to do what they wanted to LOL...anyway this has worked for me

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