Hello everyone - well, like the title says, my birdie doesn't like the new position of the cage. The reason I moved it was because it was higher than my height, and she was at all times (while in or on top of the cage) looking down on us. I was having (still am) a little problem with her not standing to have us out of her sight, but that's a different story... Anyway, back to this one. She just doesn't care for the new location at all!! Pacing all over the place, beeping at me constantly (her "I'm annoyed - get me out of here!" sound), and I couldn't calm her down. Finally, I covered about one third of the cage, and she calmed down - but she's not sleeping (I know 'cause I looked!). She's just sitting on one of the perches, not in her usual sleeping spot. About an hour after I covered her I took the cover off - she never slept with a cover, she was doing fine with just dimming the lights for a few minutes - and she started doing the whole pacing/beeping bid again. I covered her again - and that's where we are. I will probably keep her covered overnight (we are about 3 hours past her bedtime), but I don't know if I am doing the right thing. I don't want her to be ticked off at me, but the new location of the cage is so much better from all points of view. She is still not asleep, I will check again soon. I don't know, I'm lost - I would appreciate any suggestions. Thanks a lot in advance!