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Thread: Will two males get along?

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    Will two males get along?

    I bought my first cockatiel, a 6 month old male grey, about 2 months ago. He was hand raised and is now quite tame, and a wonderful pet! I have been considering buying a second bird to keep "Petrie" company when I'm not home, and recently a friend of mine has mentioned that she is trying to sell her 1 1/2 year old male. Her bird was also hand-raised and is tame as well...my question, will two males get along? I don't think I want a female because I do not want them to breed, but I know that in some animals, males are aggessive towards each other, more so than two females would be...
    Does anyone here keep two males which get along ok? I know they might not be the best of friends, but I do not want them to be aggressive with each other.
    And just as an aside, why is it that every ad in the paper is for male cockatiels? Maybe people find them too noisy, or they encouraged screaming behaviour? My male is generally quiet, with occasional "rowdy" spells (usually when I'm getting home from work or class, and he's happy to see me!)
    Thanks again!

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    Re: Will two males get along?

    sure! two males can get along fine! with tiels, there doesn't seem to be a thing where 2 of the same sex don't get along. it's more that some indivules don't get along, not to do with their sex..... with budgies it seems to be that 2 females are more likely to fight than 2 males... but tiels, don't have that....
    and yeah, another male would be much better for you as it would totaly eliminate the risk of breeding, and ya won't have thing where some females lay eggs!
    and i have no idea why it seems to be all males avalible now! but i could bet ya that at other times it seems like it's all females! i really don't know why, it's just a weird co-incidence, and i don't think it's anything to do with male traits!
    good luck!


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    Re: Will two males get along?

    the chances are they will get along,but do be prepared if they don't!
    All tiels are different, some will get along well with one bird, and totally hat another, just wanted you to be aware.
    Since this is your friends, perhaps you could try it; if it does not work, give him back...??

    Please quarentine him (1- 1/2 mo) as well!
    This will give him a chance to bond with you, let your bird get interested in him (so he does not suddenly intrude upon your birds territory), and any nasties to rear their head!

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    Best friends

    I was worried about the Baby and Flash fighting when Baby was given back to me (he was given to my auntie as a Baby, but she didn't have the time to look after him any more), but my worries were unfounded, they're best friends, they do everything together, wherever Baby is, you can bet Flash is around It seems to be smaller birds, e.g. canaries, finches, mannikins, etc, who fight, rather than parakeets and parrots, I thin they're more intelligent and appreciate the company, whereas all the smaller birds care about is mating with as many hens as possible, and getting rid of any rivals. Although not all small birds are like this, all of my birds are together, and we've only had 2 fights in 6 years Once they establish a "pecking order" everything's fine I guess it just depends on the birds themselves.

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