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Thread: found bird need help bites alot...

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    found bird need help bites alot...

    well just 5 days ago i found a cockatiel and he is a punk. I had cockatiels before man but when he bite's he wont let go he just dangels their i tried many times to tame him put in the past 2 days he bit me 20 times. He was hunngry and thirsty i gave him vitamins and give him my old birds cage. I will calm him down and he will stop bitting me but when in the morning try to take him out he goes crazy again... He acts like he was in the first day. i clipped his wings so he can rely on me more offten but still no success he is like 2 years old can he still be tammed? or their are some stuff out thier so he can not bite me. i use towels and he still maneges to bite me man he is tuff.......

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    Re: found bird need help bites alot...

    Yes, he can still be tamed.
    Poor thing has gone through a lot, and you have no idea as to what his history was--how much he was handled before getting loose, if he was hadfed or parent-raised, even if he was abused.
    Give him about a week MINIMUM without handling him, just letting him hang out in his cage. Make sure he sees you a lot, and don't be offended if he screams at you or hisses. He's just getting used to his new surroundings---birds get stressed *very* easily. In the meantime, you can read to him, give him treats that are near the front of his cage, or talk to him softly. Just be patient, some birds can take weeks, months, or even a few years to become completely tame.
    He doesn't hate you, he's just scared and doesn't know what's going on. Just give him time to destress, and let him get to know you and his surroundings.
    BTW-are you putting vitamins in his water, or sprinkling it on his food? Vitamins in the water can promote bacterial growth, and sometimes stops the bird from drinking (because of the taste).
    Welcome to the message board, and please keep us updated!


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    My new bird now likes to get pet on the head without bitting me and every once in a while he will get on my finger with out bitting me.. i had 3 birds before but this one man its going to be hard to tame. he could get u unexpectanly and like if he has mood swings first he is happy petting him the next he wants to bite my finger off o well see what happens.

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    tanks for your input now he gets on my finger sings etc. but when i want to move it some were it doesnt want to move it wants to stay on the fingger or else. what sould i do.:|

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    Re: hey

    take your time with your new bird,have you tried stair stepping em from one finger to the next yet? helped my bird out a lot,when she gets in a cranky biting mood,usaully ends up with a time out in the cage when it dosen't lol theres some other post's on here that will help you with the dominace thing,lol just a guess on my part,dig deep on the archives lol i found a buch of good stuff there too,oooh whats his name ?mines woody,lol strange for a girl

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