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Thread: Pre-owned Tiel or baby tiel?

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    Re: Pre-owned Tiel or baby tiel?

    I suppose it all depends on the tiel's history, personality, and previous training.
    A handfed baby has it's advantages basically because you know what you're getting. They're accustomed to handling, and very easy to train. They also adapt easily to change, and won't be as stressed out as an older cockatiel may be in a new home.
    You also know the birds history---and if you buy from a breeder, you can always keep in contact with them to phone in case you have troubles, or need to give the bird a home (for any unforseen occurances in the future.)
    An older cockatiel may not be as tame, as their previous owners may not have handled it well. They may also not be as healthy as they could be--considering again, that previous owners may not have cared much about their birds diet. You never know.
    They're also much more difficult to tame, than young birds, and may have bad habits and personality traits that resulted from their previous care.

    With any amount of work though, your bird will bond too you. Older tiels are just like humans--more set in their ways. So it will take longer for the bird to adapt. But that's not saying it won't love you just as much as a young tiel.

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    Pre-owned Tiel or baby tiel?

    Just wondering what everyone's thoughts are on buying a tiel from someone that's a couple years old, as opposed to buying a baby? Will they still bond with you as well? What would the pros and cons be?

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    Re: Pre-owned Tiel or baby tiel?

    yep, pre-owned birds may never be quite as cuddly as handfed babies, especially if they have been abused or neglected by owners in their past life. This doesn't mean they would not bond with their owner - they would still be happy to see you after a while, even if they never really let you handle them...
    I think that if it's a first bird, it should be a baby one - easier to deal with, and you get the rewards of your taming and training and bonding sooner. It is very hard for an inexperienced owner to deal with a birdie that is terrified of hands, is violent and seems to make no progress in taming and training...
    However... if you already have experience with birds, there is always the reward of knowing you are giving a pet that has been dumped by their owner a second chance to have a happy healthy wonderful life.

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    Re: Pre-owned Tiel or baby tiel?

    I have a pre-owned tiel and I don't think he was treated the greatest at his first home. They told me he was mean and bit and hissed all the time. They told me this about two months after I got him. With me he is the most loving little guy. He rarely bites or hisses. I think it is all in the amount of time you spend with them. I take this "vicious" bird to work with me and ladies who are 101 years old have held him with no problem. So I am all for a pre owned tiel!!!

    Faith and Ozzy

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