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Thread: Using the board

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    Using the board

    Images to show new and not new posts in a forum:
    This means new posts in the forums it's next to

    This means there's no new posts

    In the forum:
    New Post
    No new posts
    Closed topic
    Hot thread with new posts
    Hot thread with no new posts
    You have replied in this topic

    Marking Forum Read:
    To mark all forums read, you just go to the main page go to the bottom, go up a little (It should be right above the What's Going On? section). There you'll be given the option of: Mark Forums Read & View Forum Leaders (Forum Leaders=mods and admins).

    To mark just one forum read, you choose Forum Tools (which should be next to Threads in Forum: General Discussion (that's just an example of a forum...if you were Talk to Tailfeathers it'd say Thread in Forum: Talk to Tailfeaters, and so on for all the forums). You have to click on Forum tools. There you get these options:
    Forum Tools
    Post a New Thread (you know, post a new topic )
    Mark This Forum Read
    Subscribe to This Forum (meaning you will be notified via email that there's a new post
    View Parent Forum (This just takes you to all the forums in that specific section: ie all the Bird Help forums would pop up and nothing but those forums)

    Also, if you remain in a topic for at least 13 seconds, that specific topic will be marked read (not the forum, but the topic you're currently reading)

    Profile information:
    To even get to the area to put in the info you need for your profile, you need to know this. It's called User CP and it's located on the top of every page with the search, FAQ, etc. So if you want to edit your profile, click on User CP.
    While there you can:
    Settings & Options
    Edit Signature (this is where you insert the signature that will be seen on every post at the bottom of your posts...it's even got a preview thing so you can preview it before you use it)
    Edit Email & Password (this is where you go to edit your email and password)
    Edit Profile ( Here's where you find put in your custom title, Birth Date, and most of the stuff you see in people's profiles)
    Edit Options (Options like how you want the posts to be displayed [old first, then new, or new first and then old], if you want to recieve email, recieve private messages, etc)
    Edit Avatar (This is where you go to insert the picture that will be seen under your username on the board.)
    Edit Profile Picture (This is a picture that is just seen in your profile)
    Private Messages
    List Messages (You can list all the private messages you currently have stored)
    Send New Message (send a new message
    Edit Folders (Simple.....here you can edit folders of your inbox for private messages)
    Subscribed Threads
    List Subscriptions (remember, subscriptions mean you get notified, so here's where you can find which one's your watching)
    Edit Folders (same as pm's, edit the folder)
    Event Reminders (here you can be reminded of events)
    Paid Subscriptions (go here if you want to pay for services)
    Group Memberships (Find out what groups you're in or want to be in)
    Buddy / Ignore Lists (here you can put people on ignore or make friends with them)
    Attachments (Ignore, Tailfeathers does not allow attachments)

    Posting, Adding replies, and what's that under my username on the posts?
    It's quite simple:
    To post a new topic, just hit the New Thread Button (usually up top right above the Threads in Forum: Forum name). To add a reply, there the post reply button right below the last post. You can also use the quote button to quote the person you want to quote (and it does not have to be the last post).

    We also now have a Report a Bad Post that looks like that will show up in every post. We please ask that you not abuse this (otherwise the poor mods will stop paying attention and all the bad posts will no longer be taken care of)

    And then, we come to the issue about the circle that looks like: or

    =user is offline (or more correctly, user is not on the board)
    =user is online (or more correctly, user is on the board at the moment)

    =msn (this user currently has MSN Messenger and you can use this to message him/her)
    =Aim (This user currently has aol instant messenger and you can use this to message him/her)
    =ICQ (This user currently has ICQ and you can use this to message him/her)
    =YM (this user currently has Yahoo Messenger and you can use this to message him/her)

    How to put certain stuff in your posts.

    First, I'd like to ask that any picture you intend to post be of a reasonable size. Don't take up an entire screen, make people scroll left to right and up and down to just see it. For examples, I'll be using my signature image
    location: http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v3...straea_sig.jpg
    it looks like

    (Cause you know, the signature on the bottom changes everytime you update)
    To put an image in your post you go (DO NOT PUT THE *'S IN)


    Theres a button on the add reply that does this for you: <-- looks like that

    URL's (or Links)
    There are three ways. For the example I will be using the address of the board: http://www.tailfeathersnetwork.com/community/

    The first you just saw. Just put the link down.


    The board will automatically for you put the right codes in (so when you edit, you'll see them when you didn't put them in)

    The second and way you can just forget by doing the first one is
    (again, no *'s)


    That will lead you to the first way, but you typed out the codes yourself.

    The third way (and the one you may be most interested in is using a url (or link) but having them click on words rather then the actual address
    (again no *'s)


    This leads to


    Much To Do About Font Effects
    There are three main things.

    To bold your text you simply (no *'s) go [*b*]text[*/b*]. It'll then look like: text

    To use italics in your post you simply (no *'s) go [*i*]text[*/i*]. It'll then look like: text

    To underline your text in your post you simply (no *'s) go [*u*]text[*/u*]

    I'll add on more later, but remember that most of these are located in the add reply page...
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