I have a pair of fischer's lovebirds that are sitting on eggs and i wanted to ask you some questions.

How long does it take for the eggs to hatch and when is the latest time to destroy the eggs after the hen gives up on them?

Also i have 5 eggs in there and i wanted to know when is about the time to start checking on the eggs to see if any have hatched?

Finally when should i put rings around the babies feet to identify them?

Last one i promise. Before the eggs were laid they started to make a nest in the tiels nest box and that is where the eggs are laid now. But i wanted to know if i could move the parents in to a smaller cage just for them to breed in by themselves with there eggs so the cockatiels don't get in there and kill they babies or maybe even the parents. Or could i wait until the babies are born and then do it or with the parents just try to attack me since they aren't tame?

Thanks i hope you answer some of my questions if any..

Mitch Finn