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Thread: Bird-safe (Teflon-free) space heaters

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    Speaker of the house (the chatty one) Tailfeather Duddles's Avatar
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    Bird-safe (Teflon-free) space heaters

    I just wanted to let you guys know that some space heaters are Teflon-free. I have two ceramic space-heaters made by "Bionaire." I used one of them for a while before learning that space heaters sometimes contain Teflon. Anyway, it has always bothered me, so I wrote to the company to ask. Here's the response. Please bear in mind that I was only asking about the two moelds that I have. Still, I was happy to hear that there's no Teflon involved.

    .... In regards to your questions, our Bionaire Space heater does not contain Teflon or other Dupont chemicals. Your birds will be safe and there should not be any health risks to your birds because of the use of our Space Heater....

    And here is the message that I sent to the company:

    I have two Bionaire space heaters, and I want to know if they have been manufactured with certain chemicals. Specifically, I need to know if they contain any of the following:

    -Teflon or Teflon-like chemicals
    - Polytetrafluoroethylene )PTFE) or PTFE-like chemicals
    - any chemicals made by Dupont

    The models I have are: BCH4128 and BCH3320

    I have pet birds in the house, and I need to be assured that these chemicals are not present before I can use the heaters. There is a known and well documented health risk to birds from such chemicals, and I personally know people who have had their pet birds die as a result of Teflon poisoning from non-stick cookware or coated appliances.

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    Re: Bird-safe (Teflon-free) space heaters

    Great news. Wish more companies would acknowledge the dangers of teflon products and keep those chemicals away from their products.

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    Next bird-English Budgie Tailfeather Pootspete's Avatar
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    Re: Bird-safe (Teflon-free) space heaters

    Very interesting. Thank you for sharing the news Duddles!

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