Today, I get to go pick up my Adopta-tiels! WHEEEE!!!! In one hour and forty-five minutes, I'll be meeting them for the first time.

For a welcome home present, I cooked up some brown rice with hard-boiled eggs (with the shell), spinach, jalepeno peppers and corn cooked in with it, and bought them two new toys. (Plus some more on the way.. Thanks Sheve!) I have NO idea what kind of diet they've been on and I've read that brown rice helps flush out the liver of toxins... so.. eat up, yum yum! LOL Of course.. Apache and Neo get some too.

My husband has decided that one of the birds will be his, and he's going to pick out which one AND name it. (Oh god.. probably J Lo or something ). Hahha... yah.. cept guess who will be feeding it, changing the cage, and training it.. so we'll SEE about that!

I'll post pics, probably tonight since I have a digi!!!! I can't WAIT! :ances around the room:::: Although Neo and Apache won't techincally get to meet their new friends (or maybe enemies) for a month... I'm SURE they'll hear them so I've been telling them ALL about it. (Like they care right now. Just shuddyap and gimme my food mom). LOL!