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Thread: My Beloved Lucky

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    My Beloved Lucky

    I've never been quite sure what to say when writing something like this. And these words I write may not make much sense at all, as I write them from within a storm of grief, sadness, and even anger... But I have to say something, even if nobody reads it.... even if it's just for myself.

    Lucky, my oldest budgie, left this world last night. I find myself regretting the fact that I could not be there; however, he was in the company of his two brothers and cagemates, Petrie and Squawky, when he went.

    I remember when Lucky was first born -- his mother grew tired and rejected him after a few weeks, and began plucking the feathers from his back. I lost many nights of sleep that summer, having to hand-feed this squabbling little chick. Nobody expected you to make it at that age, Lucky. But you did, and that was how you recieved your name.

    Your brothers were not yet born.. they wouldn't be for another year. You were the boldest, though; the ringleader, the head of the flock, even. You who would perch defiantly on the highest curtains, and scold everyone who came by. Yet you always came down, since you delighted in the attention and affection that we all gave you.

    I remember how thrilled I was when you said your first word -- your own name, 'Lucky', in your whistling, playful little voice. You'd only go on to learn a few more words after that, though. Not that it really mattered to me, as I would love you regardless.

    You went through many hardships in your life: abused and abandoned by your mother when you were just a chick, lamed by a sprained leg when you were four, and fighting off a respiratory infection just earlier this year. Any other bird may have simply given up, but you were tenacious. You refused to give up your life then.

    In a way, I am happy for you now. You were the source of such love and great happiness for many. I sit now with your body, waiting for fairer weather to bury you, but that matters little. You're not here anymore. You've gone elsewhere, taking a rest that you've more than earned.

    Sleep well, my little Lucky-bird. I'll remember you always.

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    Re: My Beloved Lucky

    ::Sniffle::: That was a beautiful tribute. I'm sorry for your loss. Lucky was "lucky" to have you and is now a birdy angel watching over you.
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    Re: My Beloved Lucky

    How lovely

    So sorry to hear about Lucky xxx

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    Re: My Beloved Lucky

    So sorry for your loss and thank you for sharing your heartfelt tribute!

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