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Thread: coby & julia

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    coby & julia

    coby and i have been getting along really well lately- she's even allowed me to remove her pin feathers (julia just doesn't know how to do it right, i think) and she likes being as close to me as possible during the day when i'm home.

    but last night she was pretty upset- julia was gonna be getting home late, and coby was gonna have to go to bed without seeing julia first.

    first, she thought julia was somewhere in the house & insisted on me taking her from room to room to find her (she does this thing we call "magnet bird" where she leans her body in the direction she wants to go while perched on your hand- like she is magnetically pulled into another room or something!)

    after we "searched" the entire back half of the house, she literally FLEW back from the kitchen to her playgym (leaving me behind, like i didn't matter). i freaked me out- she RARELY flies. only twice since we have had her- one when she was freaked out & took off, once in an amazing display- she lifted off of her T perch at the kitchen table, flew a circle around the table above my head, then landed on the floor).

    she is fully flighted, mainly because she is a feather picker & her wings & head are the only intact things about her. we didn;t want to lower her self-esteem further by clipping, esp. given that she rarely flies.

    lately we have started a bedtime routine. after it gets dark, we draw the blinds, then we "do flappies" with coby & muttonchop (flapping exercises). then we promptly put them to bed. coby is smart & knows if we are doing flappies, she is going to bed. well, i did some with her (about half what i would normally do) & then she gave me a decided warning bite!

    i think she was mad that julia wasn't home- esp since she just got back from a week long vacation- i think coby feels like she can't trust that her fave person will be there.

    so this morning when i woke her up, she didn;t want to come out until she heard julia's voice- then she scrambled as fast as her stubby legs would take her to the cage door!

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    Re: coby & julia

    how sweet that lil magnet bird pully thing sounds so funny

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