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Thread: avairy?

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    currently have two budgies in a cage and there hapy but i was thinking when i move house id like to build an avairy and give the the space they deserve i was thinking about adding more budgies to the avairy but how would i do this i know abut the quarantine and all that but what do i just put them in. all of the budgies that would be goign in theavairy will be in a cage for a while so every budgie that goes in the avairy would be tame. any advice? its a while till i move anywya just curious

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    Re: avairy?

    Keeping budgies tame in an aviary would prove impossible because of their flock instinct. If you want to keep your current two tame then they should stay seperate from the others.

    There's an article on building an aviary on the bird info page that will help you with the basics of building an aviary.

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